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Carp Baseball Goods Shop next to Hiroshima Station

Are you interested in Hiroshima Carp? If you have baseball tickets at Mazda Zoom Zoom stadium, you may buy Carp goods at a official shop in the stadium.

Actually there are many official Carp goods stores in Hiroshima city, and one of the biggest store is located next to Hiroshima station. It’s “Futaba Tosho GIGA”.

Carp goods shop near Hiroshima Station

Futaba Tosho is a chain book store in Hiroshima (“Tosho” means “book” in Japanese). They sell not only books but also CDs, DVDs, game soft, toys, and Carp goods.

1st floor of “Futaba Tosho GIGA” is for Carp goods. They have baseball caps, shirts, towels, mugs, snacks and others.

entrance of Carp goods shop near Hiroshima StationCarp baseball jersey shirts near Hiroshima Station

Carp caps near Hiroshima StationCarp socks and cups near Hiroshima Station

Carp plush toys near Hiroshima StationCarp snacks near Hiroshima Station

You might be surprised to see this variety of goods. So it’s nice idea to enjoy watching these before taking or after getting of Shinkansen (bullet train) at the station.

Hiroshima Carp Cap

This Hiroshima Carp cap is the most popular item. Many people living in Hiroshima wear this as everyday clothes.

Even if you don’t have baseball tickets, Carp goods are very good souvenirs for your family and friends. We recommend “Futaba Tosho GIGA” for your shopping.

As a previous post shows, they have game soft,  toys, and arcade amusement on 3rd and 5th floor. so it’s also nice idea to go there after watching Carp goods on 1st floor.

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