Next to Hiroshima Station, good place for Anime & Game fans

You might have much time after getting off or before taking a Shinkansen at Hiroshima station. If you love anime or game, there is a best place next to Hiroshima station.

On the southside of Hiroshima station, you can see Futaba Tosho GIGA next to the station.

a nice shop for anime & game fans near Hiroshima station

it has six floors and you should go to the 3rd and 5th floor.
nice places for anime & game fans near Hiroshima station

The 3rd floor is for CD DVDs games and trading cards.
games & trading cards near Hiroshima station.
They have “Cardfight Vanguard”, “YuGiOh”, “POKEMON” and others.

YuGiOh & Vanguard cards near Hiroshima Station

YuGiOh cards near Hiroshima Station

Pokemon trading cards near Hiroshima Station

Just watching them is very good to kill some time.
Off course, you can buy some to add them to your collection:)


The 5th floor is a amusement arcade.

amusement arcade near Hiroshima station

They have many kinds of arcade, for example “Fate”, “Kantai Collection”, “Love Live!” and so on.

Fate Grand Order in Futaba Tosho, near Hiroshima station

Kantai Collection Kancolle arcade near Hiroshima Station

Live Live! in Futaba Tosho, near Hiroshima station

Not only arcades, but also figures they have.

figures in Futaba Tosho, near Hiroshima station

Maybe those are lotteries or something.


So far, though we’ve shown anime and game things here, actually Futaba Tosho is a book store.
they have many Japanese books and magazines too, so you can check them if you’re interested.


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