Best Food in Miyajima Island (Hiroshima)

You may wonder what food to eat at Miyajima island in Hiroshima.
I’ve selected best food and restaurants there.

Production volume of Hiroshima Oyster is the best in Japan.
Especially oysters caught near Miyajima is very famous.

So I’ll introduce Oyster Restaurant first.

KAKIYA (Oyster restaurant)
KAKIYA (Oyster restaurant)

In Miyajima, KAKIYA is the most famous restaurant.
This is only for eating inside.

Limited Grilled Oysters
I’ve ordered Limited Grilled Oysters.
The price is 800yen. A little expensive.

Grilled oysters
Pics of Grilled oysters.
Actually, I’m not good at shellfish, including oysters,
but these taste very nice!

Lemon Mojito @KAKIYA
I ordered Lemon Mojito too.

lemon mojito (good for grilled oysters)
This lemon mojito is good chemistry with the oysters.


Grilled oysters (eating at a street stall)
You can eat grilled oysters at a street stall in other shops.

Deer aiming grilled oysters
Deer is aiming grilled oysters of tourist:)
Many deer are chasing tourist for their food.

Next food is “Agemomiji”.
Do you know “Momiji Manju(maple-leaf-shaped bread that contains brown bean paste in it)”?

“Agemomiji” is Fried Momiji Manju and this is the newest special product in Miyajima.

MOMIJIDOU (Fride Momiji Manju)
This is MOMIJIDOU. It’s a most famous restaurant of Agemomiji.

MOMIJIDOU is very famous restaurant
Famous sites like “tripadvisor” and “Tabelog” are introducing this restaurant.

Fried Momiji Manju
This is Agemomiji! The price is 180 yen.
Tea is Free!

inside Momiji Manju
inside Fried Momiji Manju.
Fragrant scent of bread  promote appetite.
brown bean paste is sweet.

Cheese Fried Momiji Manju
Cheese Fried Momiji Manju. This is also 180yen.
It tastes rich!

You can choose Cream Fried Momiji Manju too.

One more restaurant to introduce.

PETTARA POTTARA offers grilled rice ball with Oyster or Conger eel.

grilled rice ball with Oyster or Conger eel

These are cooked like this on an iron net.

This restaurant was featured in Japanese TV and many tourists are eating these rice balls.

I wanted to eat, but I didn’t have enough time at that time,
so I’ll try next time.


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