Best Okonomiyaki Restaurant in Hiroshima (near Atomic Bomb Dome)

Best Okonomiyaki in Hiroshima
“Which Okonomiyaki restaurant is the best in Hiroshima?”

This is very difficult question. We have different tastes in food.
Besides that, each restaurant has each taste and flavor.

Although many people living in Hiroshima may criticize me, I’ll show you my “Best Okonomiyaki Restaurant in Hiroshima”.

GOEMON okonomiyaki restaurant in Hiroshima, Japan
It’s “GOEMON“!

GOEMON has some branches in Hiroshima city. This time, I’ll introduce a one in “SOGO”.

“SOGO Hiroshima” is a shopping near the Atomic Bomb Dome.

sogo in hiroshima
This is “seven eleven” near the Atomic Bomb Dome.
From here, head for SOGO.

entrance of SOGO hiroshima
Enter this entrance.

escalator in sogo hiroshima
Use the nearest escalator.

7th floor in sogo hiroshima
Get off on the 7th floor.

building next to sogo hiroshima
Around the opposite side, you’ll see this signboard.
Go through this.

okonomiyaki goemon in aqua (sogo hiroshima)
Now you’ll see an entrance of GOEMON.

GOEMON okonomiyaki restaurant in Hiroshima, Japan
Enter here!

menu okonomiyaki goemon
Menu is in Japanese.

If you like basic type of Okonomiyaki, say “Okonomiyaki, Soba-Niku-Tama, single“! (means “single size of Okonomiyaki with noodle,pork, and egg .)

If you want to eat much, say “Okonomiyaki, Soba-Niku-Tama, double“!

chopsiticks, Hera (spatula) and plate
Before eating, a staff gives you a plate, chopsticks, Hera(spatula), wet towel, and water.

Best Okonomiyaki in Hiroshima
This is “Okonomiyaki, Soba-Niku-Tama, single” (740yen + tax).
A staff of the restaurant cuts it so that you can eat it easily.

Off course, it tastes DELICIOUS!
It’s crispy and has rich flavor!
Main flavor is from sweet and savory sauce and hidden flavor is from garlic.

okonomiyaki with mayonnaise
If you want to make the okonomiyaki taste much richer, put mayonnaise on it.

shichimi spice okonomiyaki (hiroshima goemon)
If you love spicy taste, using “SHICHIMI” (seven-blended-spice) is a good idea.

I always use mayonnaise and SHICHIMI 🙂

Actually this GOEMON is near Pokemon Center Hiroshima that is on 6th floor in SOGO.
If you like Pokemon, visiting both places is highly recommended.
If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us.

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