Best Restaurants in Hiroshima Station

If you go to Hirosima Station and have enough time for eating, please go to north side of the station.
On the 1st floor, It’s called “Shinkansen Guchi” (Bullet traine Gate) and have many souvenir shops and restaurants.

Bullet train shopping center

Bullet Train Shopping Center


Among those, I recommend 3 restaurants.




MUSASHI is a Udon (japanese white noodle) restaurant.
Its headquarters is located in Hiroshima and very famous.


MUSHASHI’s Tempura Udon

It has many types of Udon and all are very nice.
I especially love the taste of its soup.


MUSASHI's Musubi

MUSASHI’s Musubi

Musubi (rice ball) is nice too!!You should experience them.




BAKUDANYA is a Tsukemen (Hiroshima style spice noodle) restaurant.
Tsukemen is cold & spicy noodle with many vegetables.
It’s one of the specialty of Hiroshima, so you should try this too.




MITCHAN is a Okonomiyaki (Hiroshima style noodle puncake) restaurant.
You might know, Okonomiyaki is the most famous specialtiy of Hiroshima.

There are so many Okonomiyaki restaurants, but MITCHAN is most famous.
So you should try it.

But from my experience, MITCHAN’s Okonomiyaki is “not impressive”.
Perhaps there are people who want to eat more delicious okonomiyaki.
I’ll show better Okonomiyaki restaurants on other articles.



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