Hiroshima Day Tour to Hiroshima Castle “HONMARU”

If you are wondering where to go for a day tour in Hiroshima,
going to Hiroshima Castle is a good idea.

Hiroshima Castle is about 5 – 10 minutes walk from Peace Memorial Park,
so visiting these 2 sites all together is easy to do.

Hiroshima Castle is consited of 2 parts.
One is “HONMARU”(main compound) ,where lords attended to government affairs. It includes a Castle Tower.

Hiroshima Castle Tower

This is a Castle Tower in HONMARU.
I’ll talk about HONMARU on this post.

Another one is “NINOMARU“(second compound”), where horses made sortie. It includes a Main gate.

Omotegomon (main gate) of Hiroshima Castle

This is Omotegomon (main gate) of NINOMARU.
I’ll talk about it on another post.


Uragomon(Rear Gate) of Hiroshima Castle

This is Uragomon(Rear Gate) of HONMARU in Hiroshima Castle.


Map of Hiroshima Castle

After going through Uragomon, you’ll see a map of Hiroshima Castle (not beautiful…. but in English!).

Between the map and the castle tower, there are remains of Hiroshima Imperial Military Headquarters

remains of Hiroshima Imperial Military Headquarters

explanation of Hiroshima Imperial Military Headquarters

In Edo Era, there was a palace where lords lived here.
But It was completely destroyed by fire in Meiji Era.

After that, Imperial Military Headquarters was established here during the Sino-Japanese war of 1894-95.
It was very rare to have Headquarters in a castle in Japan.

But it was also completely destroyed by the atomic bomb in 1945.


old map on stele of Hiroshima Castle

Next to the Imperial Military Headquarters, an old map on stele of Hiroshima Castle.

I like this elegance, so I’ve taken this picture.
Someone’s kid happened to be taken the picture. (not my son)


lavatory (restroom) in Hiroshima Castle

lavatory (restroom) in Hiroshima Castle. It’s designed like a castle.

You’d better use it before entering a castle tower, because the tower doesn’t have a lavatory.


event in Hiroshima Castle tower

The Castle Tower often holds an event in it.
This time, I went to “World of SAMURAI MASK”.


Hiroshima Castle Tower

Hiroshima Castle Tower

The Castle Tower had 2 functions.
One was a defense mechanism.
Another was the symbol of authority.


Admission fees of Hiroshima Castle Tower

You need 370 yen to enter.
(If you are under 12 years old, it’s free).

In the tower, many items are displayed.

Yoroi (armor) in hiroshima castle tower

katana (sword) in hiroshima castle tower


helmet and gun in hiroshima castle

a roofing tile of hiroshima castle tower

Kago (Palanquin) in hiroshima castle tower

Folding screen picture in hiroshima castle tower

traditional room in Hiroshima castle tower

traditional dining room in hiroshima castle tower


There is also a “fitting room”.

Dressing room in hiroshima castle tower

Dress in hiroshima castle tower

disguise int SAMURAI in hiroshima castle tower

dress for try-on in hiroshima castle

You can try on Kimonos or Armors here.


The castle tower shows not only items, but also its history.

Mori Terumoto

Mori Terumoto.  first lord of Hiroshima Castle.
a grandson of Mori Motonari.
In his age, the name of  “Hiroshima” was born.

Mori Terumoto's letter that named his land "HIROSHIMA"

“Hiroshima” was written for the first time on this Terumoto’s letter. (in 1589)


Mori Motonari

Mori Motonari.
He united the Chugoku region (Hiroshima, Yamaguchi, Shimane, Tottori) and became a feudal lord.
Without him, “Hiroshima” couldn’t exist.


You can vist an event corner upstairs.
This time it’s “World of SAMURAI MASK”.

Menpyo (Samurai Mask) collection

many types of Samurai Mask

2 samurai masks

There are a lot of items that are not found in the other.
By all means I want you to check.


top of Hiroshima Castle Tower

After checking all items of the event, you’ll reach a top of Hiroshima Castle Tower!


telescope in Hiroshima Castle Tower

There is a telescope. (50 yen)

view from top of Hiroshima castle tower

You can enjoy nice view from the top!

I spent about 1.5 hour to check all items and sites only in HONMARU.
If you check HONMARU & NINOMARU all together, it may take 2-3 hours to check.

There are many thing to see, so I recommend to go to Hiroshima Castle if you travel Hiroshima.

if you have any question or request, feel free to contact us.