Today’s Hiroshima | a Japanese living in Hiroshima is reporting

Today is July 16th, 2015.

Although typhoon is coming and hard wind is blowing, today Hiroshima city is very peaceful.

After the bombing, Hiroshima city was full of rubble.But now, there is a large park and shopping center. Cars and trams have passed through. It would be nice to say that big city.

Off course, There is no influence of radiation.Some people in the world are worried about radiation in Hiroshima, but  the facts is that there is no danger today.

Radiation the atomic bomb was issued was a powerful and harmful.
But, radioactive material left after I was relatively small.
In the current Hiroshima, radiation is very weak. That number is the same as the other regions of the world.

I want to show you some pictures of “bomb site” today.

Now this place is very popular for tourists and many people are walking in Peace Memorial Park as photos show.


Near the Peace Park is a shopping district.
For example, mall named SOGO is famous.
Recently, Pokemon Center was opened in the mall.

There is also a stylish cafe.
Many travelers have a rest.

In the Peace Park, there are a number of memorial. What is next to this cafe is one of them.

When the atomic bomb was dropped, many people died. For example, or was a student, or was the population of a certain company, or was the foreign population, it is a variety of people. That there is a memorial for each population.


You can go from the dock next to it to Miyajima.


If you walk from the Peace Park about 10 minutes there is a Hiroshima Castle.
You can enjoy a traditional Japanese castle.
Around the castle there are many pigeons.
They are cute. You’ll love them.

Many people around the world have visited Hiroshima every day. I’m surprised, but I am very happy.

Currently, people who are interested in Hiroshima are many all over the world. However, I think still information of Hiroshima that’s insufficient. In addition, the site for the PC a lot, less smartphones and site for the tablet.

I want to place a good quality information about Hiroshima. In addition, we will continue to make the easy-to-read page from any smartphone or tablet.



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