How and where to rent a bicycle for a tourist in Hiroshima

Many people visit Hiroshima from all over the world everyday.
And I’ve heard most of these visitors want to know where and how to rent a bicycle there.

Actually, Hiroshima city has a lot of places to rent cycles.

For example, this is a photo near Peace Memorial Museum.


These rental bicycles are called “Peacecle” (peace + cycle).
And this kind of Bicycle-parking space is called “cycle port”.

These bikes can change gears so that you can go up a hill easily.

I’ve ridden it for a test. Please see this video.

All you need to use this bicycle is a credit card & mobile phone.

(click this picture to enlarge)
You can check a plan and price on the picture above.

For the first time, “One Trip Membership” is good to choose, I suppose.

You need to sign up for a free membership on a web page of this service.

Access this registration page to sign up with your cell phones or smartphones.

After the registration, you can reserve a bike you like with your mobile phone.
Every time you you reserve, you need to get your Passcode and Bike No.

If you can’t understand how to sing up, watch this video.

You can also rent a cycle near Hiroshima Castle, Shukkeien Garden, and Hiroshima station.

I’ve made a map for you to know where to rent.

Hiroshima rental bicycle map
(click this image to enlarge)
(green & pink marks are the places)

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us.

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