To get Hiroshima Carp’s tickets, you need someone’s help.

In 2016, Hiroshima Toyo Carp is very strong! They are very close to win the championship, for the first time in 25 years! Who expected this situation when Kenta Maeda decided to go to LA Dodgers last year?

Now (5th Sep.), tickets of Carp’s games have become very popular and are difficult to get, even for the Japanese living in Hiroshima.

long line at mazda zoom zoom stadium in Hiroshima
One day, at 12:30. Many people are forming a line in front of Mazda Zoom-Zoom stadium.
(The game will start at 18:00!)

Although this year is very special, anyway buying carp’s tickets might be difficult for tourists from abroad, because you need to read Japanese language.

You can buy the tickets on Carp’s official website or shops like seven-eleven, but they don’t have any English menu. So you need someone who can read Japanese.

If you are OK, I can help you.
If you give me a message before going to Hiroshima, I can arrange to get tickets for you.

From my experience, you’d better buy ticket sold in advance if you don’t want to miss a chance to watch a Carp’s game.

If you are lucky, you may be able to buy walk-up tickets (tickets for today).
If not, you’d be disappointed in front of Mazda Zoom-Zoom stadium.
50% & 50%.

By the way, I went to a Carp’s game on 21st, August at Mazda stadium and took many pics. So let me share with you:)


13:00. People who have unreserved-seat tickets are forming a long line, including me and my family.



The day was very hot! Some people are taking a break in the river near the stadium.



14:00. After the gate was opened, we ran to seats!
We were relieved we kept out seats.


In fact, the game would start on 18:00!
So, I took my son to some amusement districts in the stadium.



This is “Snow Park”. Only opened in summer.



Carp’s character “slyly” slide.



Carp boy dome.



Kids are jumping inside it:)



The game started! This day, Carp clashed with Tokyo Yakult Swallows.
The starting pitcher of Carp was Bradin Carl Hagens.
He had been a relief pitcher  until previous week, so we were a little bit anxious.



In the 7th inning, Kosuke Tanaka hit a home run!


In the 8th inning, Set up man, Randy Jay Jackson retired three straight batters!



In the 9th inning, Closer, Shota Nakazaki  retired three straight batters too!!



Victory!!! Carp won 3-0.



Hero interview of Today’s Winning pitcher, Hagens.
This was first win for him as a starter since he came to Japan.
Congratulation, Hagens!!!!


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