one day tour @ Hiroshima Castle “NINOMARU”

Hiroshima Castle is one of the best castles in Japan.

It was built by Mori Terumoto in 1589. The size is about 120 thousand square meters. DAI TENSHU was built in 1598. It had told the old feature until the destruction in 1945. It was elected the national treasure in 1931.

Terumoto decided to build the new castle when he visited Osaka Castle because of the invitation by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. The another name is ‘Rijou’ (Carp Castle). It is named after the place name or because of the crowd of carps in the moat or because the castle tower is black, it looks like a carp’s scales.

Hiroshima castle Ninomaru outside 1

Hiroshima castle Ninomaru outside 2

Hiroshima Castle is made up of HONMARU, NINOMARU, SANNOMARU and the outer block. NINOMARU is constructed with the special structure called ‘Umadashi’. It is built out of the moat for U-shaped and surrounded with a moat. It is one of the special feature of Hiroshima Castle. It did not exist at the beginning of the construction in 1598. It was built later as a repair in 1598~1600. The size is 78m×45m. The western part is reinforced because of the supposition of the attack by western daimyo (feudal lord). It works as the base of attack and protects the front part of HONMARU.

Hiroshima castle Ninomaru gate

In Edo period, Hiroshima Castle was Fukushima- shi, later Asano-shi, Hiroshima-han’s possessions. In Meiji period, it was the central facilities of the military of Hiroshima. Daihonei, the highest military organization was set up at HONMARU in 1894. HONMARU was the target of the atomic bomb by the U.S.A and destroyed in 1945.
Hiroshima castle is greatly recommended for one-day tour in Hiroshima. You can see the valuable historic sites like NINOMARU. You can also enjoy the historical museum in Hiroshima Castle. Armors, swords and the planning displays are there.

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At NINOMARU, Aki Hiroshima military commanders performs on every Sundays from 13:30 and 15:00.

Hiroshima castle Ninomaru inside 4

Hiroshima castle Ninomaru inside 3

Hiroshima castle Ninomaru inside 1

Hiroshima castle Ninomaru inside 2

drum in Hiroshima castle Ninomaru


This drum was used for a signal to open a gate or let samurai to know the time.


Let’s enjoy the historical trip in Hiroshima Castle!

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