places to visit in Hiroshima for anime & game fans

HONDORI means “Main Street” in Japanese, and  it’s a downtown area near the Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima

Not only Pokemon Center Hiroshima but also HONDORI has many places to visit in Hiroshima for anime & game fans

Yellow Submarine (anime & hobby shop in Hiroshima)

1.Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine is a hobby shop very near the Atomic Bomb Dome.

It has many items like figures, trading cards, sleeves and other anime toys.
Many rare and limited items are included.

Animate Hiroshima near Hondori 3

2.Animate Hiroshima

Animate Hiroshima building is 2 minutes walk from Yellow Submarine.
There are many famous stores in it.

Animate Hiroshima near Hondori 2

On 1st floor, there are many claw crane games.
When I came in, some of tourists enjoyed the game 🙂

Animate Hiroshima near Hondori

You can get many limited items of famous anime & game.

anime shop in animate Hiroshima

On 2nd & 3rd floor, there are many anime & game shops.

You can buy comics, figures, TCGs, CDs, DVDs, and other anime & game items there.


SUNMALL shopping mall in Hiroshima


SUNMALL is a small shopping mall, but has some fantastic anime shops on 5th floor.

anime shop in SUNMALL 4

anime shop in SUNMALL

anime shop in SUNMALL 2

As for figures, this shop has more items than Animate Hiroshima.


doll shop in SUNMALL 2

This is a store specializing in Dolls. Maybe this is only one in Hiroshima.

clothes shop in SUNMALL

This is a gothic lolitia shop ,which has many dresses for cosplay.


Jump Shop in Hondori (Hiroshima)

4.Jump Shop

Jump Shop is 5 minutes walk from SUNMALL.

If you like ONE PIECE, DRAGON BALL and Haikyuu!!, you should visit there.


For all travellers from all over the world, I’ve made a map,
showing the best course from the Atomic Bomb Dome to Jump Shop.


Please click or tap on it and you’ll see a bigger map.


By the way, if you feel tired of long walk, Saint Marc Cafe is recommended.
Many tourists take a break in it.

Saint Marc Cafe in Hiroshima

It’s located very near SUNMALL in Hondori street.
It serves nice bread, especially Choco Cro (Chocolate Croissant) is very nice!

CHOCO CRO at Saint Marc Cafe in Hondori (Hiroshima)

“Chelsea Choco Cro” is on sale for a limited time.


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