V-Point is official goods shop of Sanfrecce Hiroshima

Have you ever been to an official shop of Sanfrecce Hiroshima?

Its name is “V-Point”.

sanfrecce v-point front side
In 2018 season, the team will have its opening race on 24 th, February. The race will continue until November.

If you have chance to visit Hiroshima during that period, get official goods at “V-Point” and go to Edion Stadium to cheer for Sanfrecce!

front display of sanfrecce v-point
“ICHIGAN” means “To unite” in Japanese.

sanfrecce v-point jersey shirt official
Many official jersey shirts. Ones of new members, including Teerasil Dangda, are available too!

sanfrecce v-point caps
Caps of Sanfrecce mascot characters ( “Sancce” and “Frecce”) are very cute!

sanfrecce v-point balls & Accessories
Balls, Wristbands and key chains.
At the bottom, noisemakers are useful when you cheer and shout at stadium. 🙂

sanfrecce v-point towels
Towels are very good for souvenirs!

sanfrecce v-point2
They have many items for kids too!

Hiroshima city has many baseball goods shop of Hiroshima Carp.
But there’s only few stores for football goods of Sanfrecce,
so you should visit V-Point if you are a football fan or interested in Sanfrecce.

It’s located in underpass and may be difficult to find for travellers,
so I’ll show y0u the way on another post.


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