Shopping at Pokemon Center Hiroshima in SOGO

You may wonder where to go for shopping in Hiroshima.

Many websites recommend famous souvenir shops, so I want to make a different proposal to you on this post.

The shop I’ll recommend is “Pokemon Center Hiroshima”.

“Pokemon Center Hiroshima” has been opened since Jun, 2015.

SOGO shopping center in Hiroshima

There’s only 9 pokemon centers in Japan and each center has its original items.
Off course, Pokemon Center Hiroshima has its original items.

Pokemon Center Hiroshim on 6th floor in SOGO shopping center, very near the Atomic Bomb Dome.

Pokemon Center Hiroshim on 6th floor in SOGO shopping center

At the entrance of SOGO, you can see the board like this.
Please go to the 6th floor using the escalator or elevator.

If you can’t find the place, please ask people around you like this;

“Sumimasen. Pokemon sentaa wa dokodesuka?”
(Excuse me. Where is Pokemon center?)


Pokemon Center Hiroshima | entrance

An entrance of Pokemon Center Hiroshima is like this.

Original Pokemon items in Hiroshima

There are many Hiroshima Original Pokemon items.


Hiroshima Original Pikachu Doll

I bought this Hiroshima Original Pikachu Doll.
Very cute!


Hiroshima Original Pikachu keychain doll

I also bought a Hiroshima Original Pikachu keychain doll.
small but nice!


shopping plastic bag of pikachu

You can get this shopping plastic bag of pikachu when you buy something here.


other Pokemon characters

Off course, they have other Pokemon characters too.

Accessories in Pokemon Center Hiroshima

These are many accessories about Pokemon.

If you like Pokemon or Pikachu and want to buy rare items in Hiroshima,
Please go to Pokemon Center Hiroshima!

if you have any question or request, feel free to contact us.