Shopping in Hiroshima Castle Tower

Shopping in Hiroshima Castle tower is recommended, because you can get many items that are not Available in other places in Japan.

After going up to the second floor of the castle tower and entering an entrance,
you’ll see a shopping corner on the right side.

shopping in hiroshima castle tower

You can buy Limited Items like Book, Figure, Charm, Towel, Poster, Calendar and others.
Not only buying here, you can get some cute items.

paper crane in hiroshima castle tower

Paper Cranes. Origami means the art of folding paper.

Most of items are related to Hiroshima Castle, Mori Family (Motonari & Terumoto), and  traditional weapons & armors like Katana(Japanese sword), Yoroi(armor), and Kabuto(helmet).

Book of Samurai Mask

I bought a book of “SAMURAI MASK”.





Those masks are called “Menpou”.
Originally it was made to protect a face of Samurai.
But in Edo period, many of the artisans began to create it as an art.
This book shows many works of “Menpou” with beautiful photos.

I also bought a book of MASAMITSU (swordsmith of Hiroshima).

MASAMITSU (swordsmith of Hiroshima)


MASAMITSU (swordsmith of Hiroshima)2

MASAMITSU (swordsmith of Hiroshima)3

MASAMITSU (swordsmith of Hiroshima)4

Masamitsu was a famous swordsmith of Hiroshima in Edo period.
This book shows his works and history with many pictures.

There is also a Hiroshima Castle guidance book in English.

Hiroshima Castle guidance book in English 1

Hiroshima Castle guidance book in English 2

Hiroshima Castle guidance book in English 3

Hiroshima Castle guidance book in English 4

Hiroshima Castle guidance book in English 5

You can easily know much about Hiroshima castle and Hiroshima history with many photos and maps.

Off course, these books are available only in Hiroshima Castle Tower.


There are many kinds of items that are good for gifts at the shopping corner.
You should come and get some special items here when you visit Hiroshima.

if you have any question or request, feel free to contact us.